Pro Users

The Live Search API cannot be used by Seats.aero Pro users at this time. Live Search requires a commercial agreement with Seats.aero.

The live search API allows you to search our supported mileage programs for any city pair and date. It does not have to be one of our supported routes and the search results will be discarded and not displayed on the Seats.aero site.

It is important that you build proper error handling when performing live searches. Live searches can fail for any reason, including the airline themselves being down. You should ensure you build a good experience for your users and systems when they fail. Failed live searches are not counted against your quota, but you should limit your retries and use exponential backoff when possible.

Supported Programs

The live search API supports all programs on Seats.aero. Check the Concepts page for a list of supported mileage programs.


  • Dynamic price filtering is still applied to live searches, which means absurd options are not returned unless disabled. Read more about our dynamic price filtering here.
  • Identifiers returned in live searches, such as availability IDs and trip IDs, are not real and will not work with the rest of our APIs.
  • You should expect a response to take about 5-15 seconds.
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