The API has a few concepts that are important to be aware of.


A source in the API is one mileage program. For example, the aeroplan source contains results for Air Canada Aeroplan. Every mileage program has its own source; they are listed below.

Not all programs provide us the number of available seats or individual flight data. In these cases, you may see availability listed with zero seats, or no results for trip data.

SourceMileage ProgramSupported CabinsHas Seat CountHas Trip Data
eurobonusSAS EuroBonusY/JYesYes
virginatlanticVirgin Atlantic Flying ClubY/W/JYesYes
aeromexicoAeromexico Club PremierY/W/JYesYes
americanAmerican AirlinesY/W/J/FNoYes
deltaDelta SkyMilesY/W/JYesYes
etihadEtihad GuestY/J/FYesYes
unitedUnited MileagePlusY/W/J/FYesYes
emiratesEmirates SkywardsY/W/J/FNoNo
aeroplanAir Canada AeroplanY/W/J/FNoYes
alaskaAlaska Mileage PlanY/W/J/FYesYes
velocityVirgin Australia VelocityY/W/J/FYesYes
qantasQantas Frequent FlyerY/W/J/FNoYes

Cached Search vs Bulk Availability has two main APIs to run searches on our cached availability data. Cached Search is the most common endpoint, but Bulk Availability can be used when many results are required.

  • Cached Search allows you to search for availability between specific airports within specific date ranges across all mileage programs. For example, if you want to search from a few airports in the US to a few airports in Australia in June, you would use this endpoint. It is akin to our Search feature on
  • Bulk Availability allows you to retrieve a large amount of availability for one specific mileage program. For example, if you want to see all of the availability from North America to Europe on Delta SkyMiles, you would use this endpoint. It is similar to our Explore feature on

Availability Objects uses a summary object called Availability to summarize the availability for a route on a given departure date. For example, all flights available on Alaska Mileage Plan from SFO to LAX departing on 2023-08-11 are summarized into one Availability object. Flights on the same date and route but available from United would be summarized into a different Availability object.

Imagine the following flights are available on Alaska Mileage Plan on 2024-03-16:

  • AS123, direct, SFO to LAX, economy with 5 seats @ 5,000 miles, business with one seat @ 10,000 miles
  • AA456, one stop, SFO to LAX, economy with 7 seats @ 7,500 miles, business with three seats @ 15,000 miles

These would be summarized into the following availability object:

  "ID": "abcdef",
  "Route": {
    "ID": "ghijkl",
    "OriginAirport": "SFO",
    "DestinationAirport": "LAX",
    "Source": "alaska"
  "Date": "2024-03-16",
  "YAvailable": true,
  "YDirect": true,
  "YMileageCost": "5000",
  "YRemainingSeats": 7,
  "YAirlines": "AA, AS",
  "JAvailable": true,
  "JDirect": true,
  "JMileageCost": "10000",
  "JRemainingSeats": 3,
  "JAirlines": "AA, AS",
  "Source": "alaska"

Availability Trips

The partner API can obtain individual availability trips from a summary Availability object. To do this, you call the Get Trips API with the ID of the Availability. Availability trips are more specific and represent one cabin being available on a particular set of flight numbers. Summary Availability objects usually have many availability trips.

Here is an example trip, where a passenger would board flight CM326 and then TK800 in business class, departing at 2024-05-01T13:52:00Z and arriving at 2024-05-02T16:45:00Z. The passenger would pay 70,000 miles + $12.90 in taxes, and over 9 seats are remaining. All times are in airport local times, so the departure and arrival times are already native to their respective airports.

    "ID": "2S8Cm9dHORWWKpoCkxfRkZa0e5l",
    "RouteID": "2B9HOBW9EOvJQDTQqxc3UKEhhur",
    "AvailabilityID": "2PPrELk9WcfJaNREWEPXypvhXAD",
    "AvailabilitySegments": [
            "ID": "2S8CmA8bXa9KHaxZfUtihUzRTPd",
            "RouteID": "2B9HOBW9EOvJQDTQqxc3UKEhhur",
            "AvailabilityID": "2PPrELk9WcfJaNREWEPXypvhXAD",
            "AvailabilityTripID": "2S8Cm9dHORWWKpoCkxfRkZa0e5l",
            "FlightNumber": "CM326",
            "Distance": 966,
            "FareClass": "I",
            "AircraftName": "739",
            "AircraftCode": "739",
            "OriginAirport": "CUN",
            "DestinationAirport": "PTY",
            "DepartsAt": "2024-05-01T13:52:00Z",
            "ArrivesAt": "2024-05-01T16:31:00Z",
            "CreatedAt": "2023-07-05T01:02:57.782804Z",
            "UpdatedAt": "2023-07-08T07:12:25.266914Z",
            "Source": "lifemiles",
            "Order": 0
            "ID": "2S8CmEryWzLYnioVN6fJ2Ue5Lg8",
            "RouteID": "2B9HOBW9EOvJQDTQqxc3UKEhhur",
            "AvailabilityID": "2PPrELk9WcfJaNREWEPXypvhXAD",
            "AvailabilityTripID": "2S8Cm9dHORWWKpoCkxfRkZa0e5l",
            "FlightNumber": "TK800",
            "Distance": 6739,
            "FareClass": "I",
            "AircraftName": "77W",
            "AircraftCode": "77W",
            "OriginAirport": "PTY",
            "DestinationAirport": "IST",
            "DepartsAt": "2024-05-01T20:05:00Z",
            "ArrivesAt": "2024-05-02T16:45:00Z",
            "CreatedAt": "2023-07-05T01:02:57.782804Z",
            "UpdatedAt": "2023-07-08T07:12:25.266914Z",
            "Source": "lifemiles",
            "Order": 1
    "TotalDuration": 1133,
    "Stops": 1,
    "Carriers": "CM, TK",
    "RemainingSeats": 9,
    "MileageCost": 70000,
    "TotalTaxes": 1290,
    "TaxesCurrency": "",
    "TaxesCurrencySymbol": "",
    "AllianceCost": 87944,
    "FlightNumbers": "CM326, TK800",
    "DepartsAt": "2024-05-01T13:52:00Z",
    "Cabin": "business",
    "ArrivesAt": "2024-05-02T16:45:00Z",
    "CreatedAt": "2023-07-05T01:02:57.782804Z",
    "UpdatedAt": "2023-07-08T07:12:25.266914Z",
    "Source": "lifemiles"

Live Searches

Live searches only return an array of availability trips, there is no summary object. The identifiers returned in live search responses are not real and cannot be used in other APIs.